讓您的 BMW 始終保持最新狀態

遠端軟件升級 - 來自 BMW 的軟件更新

您可以輕鬆地更新軟件,讓您的 BMW 在購買後保持最新狀態。通過安裝在車輛中的SIM 卡您就可以輕易地下載升級包,並將之安裝。

讓您的 BMW 始終保持最新狀態遠端軟件升級 - 來自 BMW 的軟件更新
Remote Software Upgrade Remote Software Upgrade 21 07 video

You can now look forward to the following features and functional improvements:


  • BMW Maps: Arrive at your destination more relaxed with enhanced RTTI
  • Connected Music with Spotify: Now also listen to podcasts
  • Enhanced driver detection: Start right away in your profile

This and much more besides is available free of charge after installation of the BMW Remote Software Upgrade. Explore the latest update now:



Remote Software Upgrade Close-up Control Display
  • 方便、輕鬆、省時:只需通過無線方式, 您就可以隨時隨地更新您的 BMW 軟件
  • 始終如新:即使在路上也可擁有最新的車輛軟件
  • 免費獲得 BMW 新功能、功能升級和更好的駕乘質素

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