BMW iPremier.




BMW iPremier offers what you and your electric BMW deserve. Tailor-made features and benefits provide your electric BMW with comprehensive protection.

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Indemnity of Medical Expenses.
Reasonable medical expenses incurred in connection with bodily injury as the direct and immediate result of an accident to the Electric Vehicle will be paid, provided it shall not exceed a total amount of HK$20,000 for all claims.


No Claim Discount Protection. 
If the total claim amount incurred during the period of insurance does not exceed HK$200,000 after the application of any Excess,  you can continue to enjoy your NCD as in the current policy, provided that the NCD granted by this benefit shall not be transferred to any other insurance company.


Flexible 36-Month New For Old Car Replacement.
New for old replacement vehicles, in case of theft or total loss for new Electric Vehicle in the first 36 months. The policy will reimburse a new vehicle with flexibility of upgrade or switch make and model representing new replacement value of your vehicle. The switch of make and model applies to BMW Group vehicles, including both BMW and MINI.


Unlimited Windscreen and/or Car Window Cover.*(Including panorama glass roof sky lounge)
Unlimited times of reinstatement of windscreen and/or car windows and/or panorama glass roof sky lounge in the event of  accidental damage with no limit.


24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance / Electric Vehicle Assistance. 
In the event of mechanical breakdown of, or accident to the Electric Vehicle on the road, or the electric vehicle runs out of battery, the policy will provide 24-hour telephone advisory service and if the Electric Vehicle is known to be immobilised, the policy will arrange emergency roadside repair service at the request of you or your authorised driver on the spot.


24-Hour Free Towing Service.
If the Electric Vehicle is immobilised on the road due to an accident or mechanical breakdown, or run out of the battery power, the policy will arrange for the Electric Vehicle to be towed to any vehicle repairer or any other place in Hong Kong SAR requested by you or your authorized driver.


Mobility Services. 
If the Electrc Vehicle is under repair following an accident over 48 hours, the policy will pay up to five(5) calendar days and with a maximum of HK$1,000 per day for a car rental during the insurance period. No Excess is applicable.


Personal Accident.
HK$500,000 Death/Permanent Total Disablement for the Named Driver stated in the Policy Schedule whilst embarking/disembarking or driving or riding as a passenger in the Electric Vehicle subject to the territorial limits within Hong Kong and Guangdong Province of the People's Republic Of China.


Nil Depreciation on Repairs. 
No deduction for depreciation on spare parts that need replacement on repairs in the first 12 months and subsequent renewal years in the event of accidental damage.


Key Protection.*
In the event of the irrecoverable loss or irreparable damage of the key (including but not limiting card keys) of the Electric Vehicle, you will receive a free replacement key or key lock set if required. This benefit is limited to one claim during the insurance period.


Personal Belongings.*
The loss of, or damage to, clothing and personal belongings caused by fire, Theft, attempted Theft or Accident will be paid, with the maximum limit of HK$15,000.


Scratch & Dent.*
In the event of damage to the Electric Vehicle due to minor accidental scratches and dents to the external body panels of the Electric Vehicle, the actual expenses incurred in repairing the Electric Vehicle will be paid up to the amount of HK$10,000.


Private Electric Charger Replacement.*  
In the event of accidental damage to Your Private Electric Charger is limited to (1) incident per policy year with a maximum limit of indemnity of HK$5,000 for the actual expenses to repair or replace it.

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  • * Excess is applicable per claim.
  • These benefits are only applicable for comprehensive coverage. Policy terms and conditions apply.
  • BMW Motor Insurance Program is BMW Financial Services product underwritten by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE Hong Kong Branch (incorporated in the Federal Republic of Germany with limited liabilities)(“Allianz”) and arranged through Sime Darby Managing Agency (Hong Kong) Limited. Agency Registration No.: FA3112.